Annual Report

The Utah State Office of Education posts annual reports for charter schools. Click here to see annual reports.

Reports on Beehive Science & Technology Academy, and all charter schools are available back through school year 2005-06. Additionally, you may view BSTA's Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) reports as measured by state end-of-level testing (CRT) since 2002-03. Click here to view Accountability Reports.

We are pleased to serve our community as an alternative school to regular public school. If you have any questions please contact Mr. Oguz at 801-576-0070.

Click on the reports to download them:

2012-2013 UCAS Report

2013 Grading Schools Report

2013 DWA School Summary

2012 UCAS Report

2011 UPASS Report

2011 DWA State Results

2011 DWA BSTA School Profile

2010 UPASS Report

2010 DWA State Results

2010 DWA BSTA School Profile

2009 UPASS Report

2009 DWA BSTA School Profile

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