iPads & Other Technologies

Students are provided ipads, charger block and cord. Some students may be issued keyboards. It is very important that any damage to the devices be reported as soon as they are identified. Student may not hold onto cracked or broken ipads. Students (families) will be charged accordingly. Currently, broken or severely cracked (crack or break extends into the core of the device) iPads are charged as unuseable and a new one will need to be purchased. Currently the cost of a new iPad is $299. Block and cord are both $20 each. Students will not be issued another device until a payment plan or full payment is made. Keyboard prices vary depending on model. Replacement cords and blocks must be Apple authorized products. 

Families are permitted to have the iPads screens repaired at an authorized repair facility instead of paying for a new device (severe cracks). The IT manager must be informed before planning to do so and the device will be examined upon return. 

Students/families are also permitted to purchase their own cases. It is up to the family to make certain that the cases properly enclose the ipads issued. Please inform the IT manager of the design and model of the personal case before purchasing.

Technology deposits may be used to pay for simple, surface cracks of devices and/or cords or blocks. This deposit will ony pay up to the cost up to the value of the deposit. 

Accessing internet @ home via iBoss

When accessing the internet at home, please make certain to do the following on the ipad:

1. Go to the wifi settings and connect to your local wifi. Settings -> Wifi and click on your wifi network and input the password to your wifi, if required. 

2. Either click on a web browser and login to the iBoss that comes up or touch the iBoss app that is on the ipad

3. Input firstname.lastname (all lower case) as the username and the COOLSIS number as the password. Enter. You should be automatically transferred to the school website to indicate a successful login. On occassion, it may prompt you to re-enter the username and password. Please do so. 


Important Online Links

If, for any reason an app or access to your iPad is not possible, please use a browser from the iPad or another computer to access websites needed for communication and/or homework. All google accounts are accessible on any web browser. 

Canvas: beehive.instructure.com (Course work and submission)

CoolSis: beehive.sis.cool/UI/ (Grades, etc.)

Google Accounts: accounts.google.com (Classroom, email, etc.)

Trouble-shooting & Tips

- If you have issues with your AppleID,  iBoss or google (email) accounts, please contact the IT Manager for assistance. The IT manager will also help with iPad passcode, apps, issues. Passwords for CoolSis (Mr. Kablan), Khan Academy, Canvas are administered by the individual teachers, so the IT manager will not be able to help you with this. 

- If an app stalls to download, please uninstall it and allow the device management system re-attempt to download the app again. 

- Use Google Chrome instead of Safari. It is much more suitable for most purposes, but switching from one browser to another may help resolve some issues. 

- If a website does not load, but others do, it is not an iPad issue.

- Remember to upload your documents, images, videos to your Google Drive. Each account is given a healthy 15GB of cloud space. This also helps to free-up space on your iPad for updates and other apps. 



Any questions involving technology at BSTA, please contact the IT Manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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