It is never too early to get started for College! Here is what HS freshmen need to be doing during 9th grade:

  • Review your four-year plan with college counselor
  • Build strong academic, language, mathematics and critical thinking skills by taking challenging courses.
  • Study hard and get excellent grades.
  • Strengthen your vocabulary by increasing your reading.
  • Become involved in co-curricular activities.
  • Meet your high school guidance counselor and discuss your plans for the next four years.
  • Browse through college literature or surf the Web to get an idea of what kinds of schools may be of interest to you.
  • Check out what high school courses colleges require.
  • Know NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) requirements if you want to play sports in college.
  • Keep an academic portfolio and co-curricular record.
  • Get involved in school trips to college campus visits.
  • Research career possibilities!

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