Apps and Technology

iPad Fees

Students are provided iPad, a charger block, and a cord. It is very important that any damage to the devices be reported as soon as they are identified. Students may not hold onto cracked or broken iPad.  The cost of repair is at least $85. Currently, the cost of a new iPad is $299 will be charged when an iPad lost by a student. The block and cord are both $20 each. We only accept original Apple charger blocks and cords not “Apple certified”. Students will not be issued another device until a payment plan or full payment is made. Temporary replacement iPad may or may not be of the same model, so please make certain the student takes very good care of the device. Deliberately harmed iPad cases also needs to be paid for replacement and the cost is $20.

Main Applications

Clever is an SSO (Single Sign On) platform that provides easy sign-on to many applications. Each student has a Clever Badge to sign in to Clever. If the Clever badge is lost Secondary students can request it from SSR teachers and elementary students can request it from Homeroom teachers.  You may reach Beehive Academy Clever access through


Infinite Campus is used by all teachers to provide students and parents with information on grades, assignments, and attendance. Parents are also able to pay breakfast/lunch and other fees through Infinite Campus. You may reach Beehive Academy Infinite Campus Parent/Student portal by clicking the logo or following this link:      
You may also download the Infinite Campus app on your iOS or Android devices to access all of its features and receive notifications. If you need assistance with your account, please contact the front office.  


Google Classroom is used by many of our teachers as a learning management system (LMS) to announce, deliver, collect and grade assignments and run group projects. Integrated with Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and many other tools, students are able to use Google Classroom seamlessly in their learning. In order to access Google Classroom, students may use the provided app on their iPad or go to using their school Gmail account. Teachers can provide access to parents on Google Classroom.

Canvas is another learning management system used by several of our teachers. Students are able to access course content, assignments, projects etc. and submit their work to be graded by their teachers. To access our canvas account, please go to Teachers can provide access to parents on Canvas.


ALEKS is used by the math department to provide an adaptive system to guide students in their math learning. Students and teachers are able to see very detailed reports on student progress, effort and understanding through the platform. Teachers can provide access to parents on ALEKS.

Ed: Your Friend in Learning is used by our science department to provide content, virtual simulations and assessment tools to our students. The content is based on Next Generation Science Standards, which aligns with the Utah Science with Engineering Education (SEEd) Standards.  



Accessing internet @ home via iBoss VPN

Students are now being monitored through a VPN and iPad will automatically connect. Make certain the VPN is ON. If not, the device will not receive internet service.

If you have any problems with the VPN or access to the internet with iPad, please contact me at

(Using a browser)

Go to Students log into their google account using their school email address and password. Once logged in, they will be able to access the two most important learning management systems, Canvas and Google Classroom, and other relevant apps. 

Click on the 9 little squares to access the apps. Scroll down for Canvas and other tools. 

Parent Monitoring of Student Classes

There are the apps mentioned above and limited access to the learning environments the students use through Clever.

Any questions involving technology at BSTA, please contact the IT Manager, Sumeyra Gul.

Mission Statement

At Beehive, students of diverse cultures achieve academic excellence and personal skills in a challenging and innovative STEM environment to become contributing global citizens.

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