STEM Charter School Serving South Jordan, Utah

You want your child to have all the advantages that are available to them — that’s why you’re looking at STEM schools. You will be pleased to know that Beehive Science and Technology Academy, a top STEM charter school, is only minutes away from South Jordan in Sandy, Utah. We are an award-winning STEM school serving students in grades K-12, providing an exceptional education in science, technology, engineering and math.

Start Early, Achieve More at a STEM School

Our STEM elementary school introduces more challenging science and math concepts to students early, preparing them for a lifetime of learning and careers as doctors, engineers, scientists, systems analysts, architects, economists and hundreds of other prestigious occupations. Our charter elementary school is the perfect foundation for our STEM middle school.

In middle school, our instructors teach a more rigorous curriculum, including creative coding, robotics and math for competitions. Our students have qualified for many distinguished competitions at which they have placed among some of the stiffest competition in the country.

At our STEM high school, our students study computer programming, chemistry, statistics and more. Our students work hard to earn top grades to get them into the best STEM programs in the U.S.

Benefits of STEM Charter School

While almost any type of education is valuable, studies show that students who enter STEM professions earn, on average, 37% more than their counterparts who are entering humanities or social science professions. Additionally, those with STEM degrees earn higher salaries than those who are simply working in a STEM position. These facts make the value of a STEM education crystal clear.

Providing Diversity to South Jordan Students

A Pew Research Center study shows that nearly 70% of STEM majors in the U.S. are white. While more than half of STEM degrees are earned by women, 85% of those degrees are in the health care field, not engineering, math or technology.

At our charter school, we actively recruit minorities, women and people of color because we believe diversity is important. Our efforts were rewarded when our STEM school, which is more than 30% diverse, won a state award for diversity.

Charter School Enrollment for South Jordan

If you live in South Jordan and want to enroll your children at our STEM school, you can fill out a charter school application online, download a copy to print or have us mail one to your home.

Our charter school open enrollment period is Dec. 1-Feb. 7. During this time, if we receive more charter school enrollment applications than we have available spots for, admissions decisions will be made by lottery. As a public school, we are prohibited from discriminating on charter school enrollment applications on the basis of academic ability; thus, there is no entrance exam for our STEM school.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to send your children to a top STEM school in Utah.

Mission Statement

At Beehive, students of diverse cultures achieve academic excellence and personal skills in a challenging and innovative STEM environment to become contributing global citizens.

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