Top STEM School in Sandy, Utah

Parents are always searching for the best for their children, and if you live in Sandy, Utah, you don’t have to look far. One of the top STEM schools in Utah is right here: Beehive Science and Technology Academy. Our public charter school serves grades K-12, preparing them for STEM careers and a lifetime of valuable, meaningful work.

STEM Elementary School

At our charter elementary school, we believe it’s important to start preparing children for a STEM education at a young age. One of the reasons so many students fall behind in STEM classes is because the material is introduced to them too late. Science, math, engineering and technology are all a part of our elementary school curriculum.

STEM Middle School

Middle school is when the competition starts ramping up for spots in selective classes and schools. Because we prepared our elementary school students in STEM subjects, they are ready for the more demanding classes our middle school offers.

STEM High School

In high school, students should be learning what they need to know to gain admission to a good college. At our charter school, our students take honors math, computer programming, biology and chemistry. Additionally, our students learn college and career planning and receive ACT preparation in both English and math.

STEM Charter School Education

While we focus heavily on science and math at our STEM school, we also teach arts and humanities, including English, history, foreign languages, drawing and photography. We are dedicated to STEM, but we also know how important it is to graduate students who are well-rounded in all areas of academic learning.

The Benefits of Attending a STEM School

Statistics show that students in the STEM field start their careers making a salary about 37% higher than their counterparts in arts and humanities. Moreover, those who graduated with STEM degrees make more than those who are merely working at STEM jobs. Thus, the value of a STEM degree cannot be overstated when discussing potential lifetime earnings.

STEM jobs are also often considered more prestigious. The reasons vary. It is widely accepted that STEM classes are difficult and require an uncommon level of dedication. Therefore, those with STEM degrees are thought of as intelligent, studious, hardworking and reliable.

Applying for Charter School in Sandy, Utah

If you are looking at charter schools with open enrollment for your children, Beehive Science and Technology Academy should be your first choice. As a free public school in Sandy, charter school enrollment is open to all students. You can apply for our charter school online, download a charter school application to print out or ask us to send an application to your home in the mail.

Don’t wait to apply for charter school — save your child’s spot today.

Mission Statement

At Beehive, students of diverse cultures achieve academic excellence and personal skills in a challenging and innovative STEM environment to become contributing global citizens.

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