Charter School Enrollment Open to Murray Students

Living in Murray, Utah, means you are only minutes away from one of the top designated STEM charter schools in the state: Beehive Science and Technology Academy. Of all the charter schools with open enrollment this season, Beehive is the one that will help your child achieve more in an inspiring, nurturing environment. We are an award-winning STEM charter school serving kindergarten through grade 12 students in Murray and throughout northern Utah.

STEM Elementary School

It’s never too early to start a child’s STEM education. We find that our kindergarteners can grasp science and math concepts better than many public schools believe is possible. We know it is true, because the students in our charter elementary school are better prepared to enter our STEM middle school than many students coming from other schools.

STEM Middle School

Once your child enters STEM middle school, their STEM education becomes their way of life. They take classes including robotics, creative coding and math for competitions. These rigorous classes prepare them for the education they receive in our STEM high school.

STEM High School

The students in our STEM high school are high achievers and have qualified numerous times to attend various math and science competitions all over the country where they have placed with their entries. It is our goal at our STEM high school to properly prepare students to gain entry to some of the best STEM colleges in the U.S.

Benefits of STEM Charter Schools

The Census Bureau reports that entry-level employees in STEM fields make, on average, 37% more than their counterparts in the arts, humanities and social science professions. This demonstrates the value of a STEM education. Moreover, those who hold STEM degrees earn more than their co-workers who hold a degree in another discipline.

STEM careers pay more because they are considered more prestigious. Doctors, scientists and engineers do complex, critically important work and they spend decades of their life learning how to do it. This brings them the respect of their peers and the high income they deserve.

Charter School Applications for Murray Residents

If you live in Murray and are interested in charter school enrollment at BSTA, you can apply online or download and print a charter school application. Our charter school open enrollment runs from Dec. 1 to Feb. 7., so be sure to get your charter school application in during this time. If we get more applications than we have openings, admission will be determined by lottery. As a public charter school, we cannot discriminate based on a student’s academic standing.

Give your child the advantage they deserve — apply for STEM school today.

Mission Statement

At Beehive, students of diverse cultures achieve academic excellence and personal skills in a challenging and innovative STEM environment to become contributing global citizens.

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