Charter Schools for West Jordan Students

Students from West Jordan have one of the most prestigious STEM schools in Utah right in their back yard: Beehive Science and Technology Academy in Sandy, serving students in grades K-12. In our 16th year, our STEM school is known for its award-winning curriculum, diversity and excellent instructors.

For STEM School, Start Young

There is a misconception that science and math concepts should be kept simple during the early years. But the fact is, the sooner you introduce children to these concepts, the sooner they are able to understand them. At our STEM elementary school, we have developed a science and math curriculum for kindergarteners that introduces them to the basics they need to establish a strong foundation in STEM concepts.

At our STEM middle school, we increase both the speed of learning and the difficulty of the material. Students take classes such as robotics, math for competition and engineering.

Once students get to our STEM high school, they are further challenged with courses such as biotechnology, honors chemistry and AP statistics. Our high school students qualify for math and science competitions across the country, placing in many of them while competing against students from some of the most prestigious schools in the U.S.

STEM Charter School Education

While we focus heavily on science and math at our STEM school, we also teach arts and humanities, including English, history, foreign languages, drawing and photography. We are dedicated to STEM, but we also know how important it is to graduate students who are well-rounded in all areas of academic learning.

How to Apply for Charter School

If you live in West Jordan and want to apply for charter school, you may fill out the Beehive Science and Technology Academy application online, or you can download our charter school application to print out and mail in. Our charter school open enrollment is from Dec. 1 to Feb. 7, so be sure to get your application in on time. If our STEM school gets more applications than we have spots, admissions decisions will be made by lottery.

A STEM school education gives your child the advantage they need to reach their full potential. Get your charter school application in today.

Mission Statement

At Beehive, students of diverse cultures achieve academic excellence and personal skills in a challenging and innovative STEM environment to become contributing global citizens.

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