Diversity And Inclusion At Beehive Academy

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Beehive Academy has a very diverse community with its reflection in its board members, staff and families. The charter of the school was designed to attract diversity and create a great understanding in the community. The diversity provides opportunities to ensure the success of minorities and under-represented groups in STEM fields.

Beehive Academy’s vision is to prepare students for the future as the STEM workforce. Our school has a special emphasis to attract and encourage students of underserved groups and closing the achievement gap between the subgroups. Beehive Academy welcomes the differences as an asset and the richness of its culture. Since its inception, creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment has been Beehive’s main focus point. Several programs, events, and support mechanisms are in place to achieve the diverse and inclusive learning environment.

Beehive Academy is a school of choice and open to all students with a specific mission of attracting minority and under-represented students. In the state of Utah, this mission becomes all the more meaningful. In support of the mission Beehive Academy is a member of the National Diverse Charter School Coalition, which gives opportunity to network among diverse charter schools in the nation.

Beehive Academy is one of the most diverse school communities in Utah and has the goal to further promote diversity in the state. Creating an environment that promotes the learning of students together from different backgrounds will foster an understanding and different perspectives thus creating a great sense of community that prepares global citizens.


Equity information regarding
Section 504, Title IX, and Title VI.

Mission Statement

At Beehive, students of diverse cultures achieve academic excellence and personal skills in a challenging and innovative STEM environment to become contributing global citizens.

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