Draper Students Apply to Top STEM School

If you live in Draper, the best STEM charter school in Utah is only minutes from your home in Sandy. Beehive Science and Technology Academy, an award-winning public charter school with a STEM focus, is open to students in grades K-12.

The Need to Succeed

Are you driven to see your children working in stable, lucrative, respected careers? If so, there is no better training for them than the education they can receive at our STEM school.

We believe in training children early, and that is why we operate a STEM elementary school. It is never too soon to introduce math and science topics to children, and it prepares them for more challenging material after they move on from our charter elementary school.

At our STEM middle school, the curriculum is ambitious, with students learning engineering, integrated science, robotics and math for competitions. Our students have attended and placed in national math and science competitions.

Students in our STEM high school are in high gear, learning the most difficult concepts in preparation for admission to prestigious colleges. Our instructors and our students work hard, and we enjoy watching the success that follows.

A Diverse Charter School

Utah is in the top 10 whitest states in America, with 85%-90% of the population being white. Our charter school has won an award for fostering diversity at our school and we are proud to have achieved more than 30% diversity, with about 15% being students with disabilities. At various times in our charter, we have had a student body that speaks 25 languages other than English.

Minorities and people of color from Draper and all of northern Utah are encouraged to apply to our charter school, where they will feel at home and welcomed by students and staff.

Charter School with Open Enrollment

Our charter school open enrollment period begins Dec. 1 and ends Feb. 7. You may apply online, download a charter school application to print and fill out at home or request that we send you a paper application in the mail. As a public school, Beehive cannot deny admission based on academic performance. If the number of charter school applications should exceed the number of spots available, a lottery will be held to select students. Preference is given to current students and their siblings as well as children of instructors and staff members.

When you are looking at charter schools serving Draper Utah, choose a school that will give your children the structure and foundation they need to grow up to be accomplished, dedicated high achievers. Choose Beehive Science and Technology Academy.

Mission Statement

At Beehive, students of diverse cultures achieve academic excellence and personal skills in a challenging and innovative STEM environment to become contributing global citizens.

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