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Wellness Policy- Food Service Operations

School Foodservice Operation

A. The BSTA Child Nutrition Program will aim to be financially selfsupporting. Budget neutrality of profit generation will not take precedence over the nutritional needs of the students. If subsidy of the program is needed, it will not be from the sale of foods that have minimal nutritional value.

B. Caterers deliver our hot food in Styrofoam containers which is packed in large coolers to keep the temps hot. Temperatures are taken upon delivery. All the fresh cut vegetables are delivered in individual serving containers on a tray and wrapped with plastic. All canned fruits and vegetables are packed into single sized serving plastic cups with lids. Milk comes in individual servings. All cold foods such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (uncrustables) are commercially made and come wrapped. We also receive chips in single servings and strings cheese. We order one week ahead and only receive the number of lunches ordered by the students no extras are ordered. Sometimes students are out sick and can’t pick up their order, we give away all extras not picked up, or throw away the food if no one wants. We never keep food for the next day if not claimed.

C. School nutrition/food service employees shall, whenever feasible, obtain certification or credentials from an approved program, including but not limited to School Nutrition Association (SNA) certification, within the first five years of employment.

D. Student shall be provided with sufficient time to consume meals at school with at least 20 minutes for lunch from the time the student is seated.

E. For non-payment or delinquent accounts a letter/email will be sent home and given a week to bring the account current. If there are circumstances that the responsible party cannot bring the account current, we will be happy to discuss options. We will have Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on hand so that the child does not go hungry if no action is taken.

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