Apple Distinguished 2022


Math: iPad and Apple Pencil
High school math teacher uses Apple Pencil with his iPad to freely roam around the classroom while instructing math topics.
Flying Drones
In the middle school engineering class, students learn about three levels of flight and distance with different drone models. First students learn about basic controls and configuration for flying a rotorcraft.  They understand the differences between fixed-wing craft and rotorcraft. They study Newton’s laws of motion and the four forces of flight in-class lecture and activities. They play a simulator in class first with video game controllers (6th graders are experts with this control scheme) and then fly the indoor Tello. Then they upgrade to map systems and the Mavic flight system and we fly to the park and the border of legal airspace by the Alta View Hospital. Students even watch a live ‘life-flight” landing while we fly the drone.
Everyone Can Create…
In the middle school computer classes, students learn from content in the Everyone Can Create curriculum and produce these pictures.
6th Grade Swift Programmers

In 6th grade, digital literacy course, students learn how to program their own game on Swift Playground.


Students watch scenes of Hamlet before producing their own renditions of iconic speeches and scenes. In this video, an online student worked with his parents and dog to create a scene from Hamlet and submitted the video as a project.

Game Soundtracks with Garageband

Music in the Media is Beehive’s music theory/composition class that is offered to 9-12 grade. Using Garageband students compose a variety of music that connects to our everyday lives such as commercial jingles and T.V. show themes. Their final project is a video game concept where they compose a main theme, boss theme, level up or scene change, and achievement sound. Students use iMovie to edit their projects.

3D Pens

In art class students are doing a 3D pen project.  They get to plan on a 2D surface that they will create in three dimensions with the 3D pen. 

Mission Statement

At Beehive, students of diverse cultures achieve academic excellence and personal skills in a challenging and innovative STEM environment to become contributing global citizens.

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