Apps, Platforms and Tech Troubleshooting

Beehive Academy provides iPads to each student to be used throughout the school year. Teachers use a wide variety of apps and platforms to enrich their instruction and support student learning. All necessary apps already come preinstalled on the student iPads. Here is a list of some of the main apps and platforms used across the school.

Infinite Campus is used by all teachers to provide students and parents with information on grades, assignments and attendance. Parents are also able to pay breakfast/lunch fees through Infinite Campus. You may reach Beehive Academy Infinite Campus access through
You may also download the Infinite Campus app on your iOS or Android devices to access all of its features. If you need assistance with your account, please contact the front office. 

Google Classroom is used by many of our teachers as a learning management system (LMS) to announce, deliver, collect and grade assignments and run group projects. Integrated with Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and many other tools, students are able to use Google Classroom seamlessly in their learning. In order to access Google Classroom, students may use the provided app on their iPad or go to using their school Gmail account. Teachers can provide access to parents on Google Classroom.

Canvas is another learning management system used by several of our teachers. Students are able to access course content, assignments, projects etc. and submit their work to be graded by their teachers. To access our canvas account, please go to Teachers can provide access to parents on Canvas.

ALEKS is used by the math department to provide an adaptive system to guide students in their math learning. Students and teachers are able to see very detailed reports on student progress, effort and understanding through the platform. Teachers can provide access to parents on ALEKS.

Ed: Your Friend in Learning is used by our science department to provide content, virtual simulations and assessment tools to our students. The content is based on Next Generation Science Standards, which aligns with the Utah Science with Engineering Education (SEEd) Standards.  

Mission Statement

At Beehive, students of diverse cultures achieve academic excellence and personal skills in a challenging and innovative STEM environment to become contributing global citizens.

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