Fee Waiver Policy

Beehive Science and Technology Academy School Fees, Fee Waiver Policy The BSTA Board adopts the fee policy as per the Utah laws and rules and delegates to the School Administration the responsibility of administering this policy. The following definitions and standards shall serve as guidelines for the administration as they assess and collect fees at school. 1. Definitions Fee: Any charge, deposit, rental or other mandatory payment, however designated, whether in the form of money or goods. Provisions in Lieu of Fee Waiver: An alternative to fee payment and waiver of fee payment. Student Supplies: Items which are the personal property of a student which, although used in the instructional process, are also commonly purchased and used by persons not enrolled in the class or activity in question and have a high probability of regular use in other than school-sponsored activities. The term includes pencils, papers, notebooks, crayons, scissors, basic clothing for physical education classes, undergarments for athletics and similar personal or consumable items over which a student retains ownership. Optional Project: A project chosen and retained by a student in a class where projects are part of the curriculum, in lieu of a meaningful and productive project otherwise available to the student that would require only school-supplied materials. Textbook: Book, workbook and materials similar in function that are required for participation in any instructional course. Waiver: Release from the requirement of payment of a fee and from any provision in lieu of fee payment. Students who have been granted waivers or provisions in lieu of fee waivers shall not be treated differently from other students or identified to persons who do not need such information. School: Beehive Science and Technology Academy 1. Standards 1. Classes and Activities during the Regular School Day: Students must be able to enroll and participate in any class and have the opportunity to acquire all skills and knowledge required for full credit and highest grades. They may do this without paying a fee or participating in a fund raising activity with the following exceptions: 1. Students of all grade levels will be provided with materials for their projects. 1. A student may be required to replace supplies provided by the school that are lost, wasted or damaged by the student and students may get their own supplies for additional discretionary projects that are beyond requirements. 1. Students may be required to provide their own student supplies. 1. School Activities Outside of the Regular School Day
  • Fees may be charged in connection with any school-sponsored activity, regardless of the age or grade level of the student, if participation is voluntary and does not affect a student’s grade or ability to participate fully in any course taught during the day.
  • Fees related to extracurricular activities may be charged and established annually and can be fee waived.
1. General Provisions
  1. No fee may be charged or assessed in connection with any class or school sponsored activity, including extracurricular activities, unless the fee has been set and approved by the board in accordance with this policy.
  2. Fee schedules and policies for the school shall be adopted at least once each year by the school administration.
  3. The fee schedules will be developed with input and feedback from stakeholders as per the Utah rules. The school shall adopt procedures to reasonably ensure that the parent or guardian of each student receives written notice of fee schedules and fee waiver policies before the fees are due. Procedures for fee waivers shall be written in language that is easily understood and included with student registration materials.
  4. No present or former student may be denied receipt of transcripts or a diploma for failure to pay school fees other than a reasonable charge made to cover the cost of duplicating or mailing. No charge may be made for duplicating or mailing copies of school records in which the student is enrolled or intends to enroll.
  5. As part of this fee policy, fee waiver provisions are in place to ensure that no student is denied the opportunity to participate in a class or school sponsored or supported activity because of an inability to pay a fee. The waiver policy shall include procedures to ensure that:
    • A person is designated in the school to administer the policy and grant waivers (school principal);
    • The process for obtaining waivers or pursuing alternatives is administered fairly and objectively;
    • Fee waivers or other provisions in lieu of fee waivers are available to all students who are in state custody or receiving public assistance in the form of aid to dependent children, general relief, supplemental security income or foster care, and others whose parents or guardians are financially unable to pay;
    • Textbook fees are waived for all eligible students in accordance with §53-13a-4 of the Utah Code;
    • Parents are given the opportunity to review proposed alternatives to fee waivers; and
    • An appeal process is available, including the opportunity to appeal to the board or its designee.
  1. To preserve equal opportunity for all students and to limit diversion of money and school and staff resources from the basic school program, the school’s fee policies shall be designed to limit student expenditures for school sponsored activities, including expenditures for activities, uniforms, clubs, clinics, travel and subject area and vocational leadership organizations whether local, state or national.
  2. Expenditures for very specific uniforms, costumes, clothing and accessories, if other than typical student dress, which are required for participants in choirs, pep clubs, drill teams, athletic teams, bands, orchestras and other student groups, are fees requiring approval of the school board.
  3. The requirements of fee waiver and availability of other provisions in lieu of fee waiver do not apply to charges assessed pursuant to a student’s damaging or losing school property including IPAD repair, damage and lost. The school may pursue reasonable methods for obtaining payment for such charges but may not exclude students from school or withhold transcripts or diplomas to obtain payment of those charges.
  4. Charges for class rings, letter jackets and similar articles not required for participation in a class or activity are not fees and are not subject to the waiver requirements of this policy.
These policies have been approved by the Beehive Science and Technology Academy Board of Trustees for exclusive use within the school. 2019-20 FEE SCHEDULE Fees Charged During Registration All fees are due at the time of enrollment unless parents have different plans approved by the administration. The $60.00 Administrative Services fee is non-refundable. The rest of the fees are refundable until academic year starts. The rest of the fees will not be refunded after school opens for new academic year. Some exceptions may apply.
The Fees Charged During the Registration (Annually)
Maximum Additional Use of
Fee Details Funds
Administrative Services $65.00 Per Year Supplies, equipment, services etc.
Bus Passes $45.00 Per Year Supplies, equipment, services etc.
Computer and Technology $30.00 Per Year Supplies, equipment, services etc.
Consumable Materials $35.00 Per Year Supplies, equipment, services etc.
Special Activities $20.00 Per Year Supplies, equipment, services etc.
 Total $195.00
The Other Fees for Class/Activity/Event/Program/Curricular and etc. :
Maximum Additional Use of
Class/Activity, etc. Fee Details Funds
Art Fee $25.00 Materials, supplies, storage and etc.
IPAD Deposit (Refundable and not waived) $50.00 Replacement and/or repair of tech supplies
Locker Use (Not Waived, Optional) $10.00 Supplies, equipment, services etc.
Trax Pass Replacement (Not waived, Replacement) $20.00 Supplies, equipment, services etc.
School Lunch Fee $3.75 Supplies, equipment, food, services etc.
Concurrent Enrollment Fee (Not waived, College Credit) $40.00/Admission $5.00/per credit $60.00 maximum paid to SLCC Paid to the SLCC for the services
Science Fair Registration $15.00 Paid to the external organization for services
State Science Fair Registration $25.00 to $35.00 Per student and depending Paid to the external organization for services
Lagoon or similar activity admission $35.00 Activity admission
Lagoon or similar activity travel fee $10.00 Travel expense
Digital Photography Materials $25.00 Supplies, equipment, etc.
Jewelry Club Materials $10.00 Supplies, equipment, etc.
Robotic Club Materials and Membership $150.00 Supplies, equipment, participation fees etc.
Lego Club Materials and Membership $100.00 Supplies, equipment, participation fees etc.
Lego T-shirt $15.00 Up to cost per item Supplies, materials etc.
HOSA Membership $40.00 Supplies, equipment, participation fees etc.
Spanish Food Experience (Restaurant) $8.00 Food expense
CPR Certification $7.50 Supplies, equipment, participation fees etc.
NHS Club T-shirt $22.00 Up to cost per item Supplies, materials etc.
AP Test Fee (Not waived, College Credit) Per test taken $94.00/regular $53.00/reduced A student can take up to 3 tests Paid to AP organization for test
Special Event Participation Fee
School Uniform Polo with Logo $17.00 Paid to vendor directly Supplies, materials etc.
Used School Uniform Polo $5.00 Supplies, materials etc.
Middle School Dance/Party $5.00(each) $15.00 total Supplies, equipment, participation fees etc.
High School Dance/Party $15.00(each) and $45.00 total Supplies, equipment, participation fees etc.
Student Council Hoodie/Dress $35.00 Supplies, materials etc.
CMLP Special Activity $15.00 3 activities per student per year Supplies, equipment, participation, registration fees etc.
CMLP Special Activity Lunch $10.00 3 activities per student per year Food
Extracurricular Participation Fees (Maximum charge):
Approved* Camps and Maximum
Pay to Team Fee Clinics** Allowed
Play (Max. Charge) (Max. Charge) Total
Robotics $150.00 $200.00 $350.00 $700.00
FLL $100.00 $150.00 $350.00 $600.00
TSA $0.00 $100.00 $150.00 $250.00
HOSA $0.00 $100.00 $150.00 $250.00
CMLP $0.00 $0.00 $350.00 $350.00
Annual maximum amount a student may be charged for total fees from this schedule – $4,700 maximum per student per year * Approved team fees are collected for the purchase of team supplies, materials, equipment, uniforms, participant/team gear, and other items necessary for participation in the activity, if needed. ** Camp charges are not to exceed the listed amount per activity or team. The camp charge per student will cover all costs associated with the camp (travel, lodging, meals, registration, supplies, etc.) Extracurricular/Activity Trip Travel in State Fees:*** ***Travel Fees are charged per event and are in addition to fees listed above Lodging for event(s)(per night) $50.00 (actual cost divided equally by participant up to listed amount) Transportation to event(s) $15.00 (actual cost divided equally by participant up to listed amount) Meals: Students may be required to provide for their own meals on activity trips. Meal costs may vary, but the following amounts are expected to be within reason and are fee waived: Breakfast $6.00 Lunch $8.00 Dinner $10.00 Out of State Travel: The out of state travel fee will be collected for the approved and qualified activities to travel out of state. The written administration approval for the trip is necessary. Maximum all-inclusive charge per student, per activity is $2150.00 (actual cost divided equally by participant up to listed amount). The cost includes participation, travel and flight, hotels and meals and etc. 1. Notice of Fees and Fee Policy 1.1. Prior to scheduled registration. Before the scheduled registration, copies of the fee documents shall be sent to the parents or guardians of each student attending, scheduled to attend, or applying to attend the school. 1.2. Prior to later registration. For any student who registers later in the school year, the documents listed above will be provided to the student’s parents or guardians at the time the student is registered. 2. Payment of Fees 2.1 When due. Fees are due and payable at the time of registration. All fees must be paid, or a complete fee waiver application filed with the school, before participation in any activity or event outside of the regular school day. 2.2 Completion of community service. Where a student receives a community service assignment in connection with an option to be considered in place of the fee, the community service shall be completed by the date set out in the assignment but in any event no later than 30 days before the end of the school year. 2.3 Suspension of fee requirement pending waiver decision. The requirement that fees be paid is suspended from the time that an application for a fee waiver is submitted until the student’s eligibility is finally determined (including any appeals). 2.4 Actions on unpaid fees. If school fees remain unpaid after the payment deadline, legal action may be taken to collect the fees from the student’s parent or guardian as determined by the principal (if the student is over 18, collection action may also be taken against the student). Schools may not withhold a student’s diploma or transcripts for unpaid school fees. 3. Fee Waiver Applications 3.1 Timing. Fee waiver applications may be submitted anytime of the school year for which the fees are charged. 3.2 Completeness. Fee waiver applications are made using the standard Fee Waiver Application form and by providing the supporting documentation identified on that form. The required supporting documentation must be submitted with the application. If the required supporting documentation is not provided, the parent or guardian shall be notified and the application will be treated as a contingent application if the required supporting documentation is submitted within 14 days of notice of incompleteness. If the supporting documentation is not submitted within 14 days of notice, the contingent application shall be rejected as deficient and the fee payment requirement shall no longer be suspended. 4. Decisions on Fee Waiver Applications 4.1 Decision by principal or designee. The principal evaluates fee waiver applications and decides whether the application should be granted. 4.2 Notice of decision. The principal shall give the parent or guardian written notice of the principal’s decision on the fee waiver application using the standard Fee Waiver Decision and Appeal Form. Where the application is denied as incomplete for lack of required documentation, the principal shall identify what information is missing and shall also inform the parent or guardian that the application will be considered finally rejected if the documentation is not provided within 14 days. 4.3 Treatment of eligible students. Students who have been granted fee waivers shall not be treated differently from other students, nor shall students who have been granted fee waivers be identified to persons who do not need to know of that status. 5. Community Service Obligation 5.1 Upon approval of a fee waiver application, the principal shall use the standard “Community Service Assignment and Notice of Appeal Rights” form to notify the parent or guardian of the community service assignment that the student will need to complete. The Community Service Assignment will not be required from the fee waiver eligible students. This service will be utilized for the students who do not qualify for the fee waiver and have payment difficulties. 5.2 The types of service required will be community service at the school (such as tutorial assistance to other students or service as an aide outside of school hours), community service in the community, or (when special needs require it) community service done at home. 5.3 The community service requirements given by the principal must be appropriate to the age, physical condition, and maturity of the student, must be conducted in such a way that students are not subjected to embarrassment, ridicule, or humiliation, must avoid excessive burdens on students and families, must give proper consideration to a student’s educational and transportation needs and other responsibilities, and must not provide a direct benefit to school employees or their families. 5.4 The portion of fees relating to textbooks is not included in the fees for which community service is required. 5.5 Community service credit towards the amount of fees shall be awarded at a per hour rate equal to the current federal adult minimum wage. 6. Appeal of Denial of Fee Waiver 6.1 Appeal process. A parent or guardian may appeal the denial of a fee waiver as follows: 6.1.1 The first step to appeal is to mail or hand-deliver a written appeal to the principal within ten (10) school days after receiving the written notice of decision. The parent or guardian may use the “Notice of Appeal” portion of the “Fee Waiver Decision and Appeal Form,” but that is not required. The appeal must be in writing and must include the name of the parent or guardian, the name of the student, the date of the appeal, and the reasons why the denial of the fee waiver was incorrect or should be reconsidered. Except as stated below, the principal or the principal’s designee will contact the parent or guardian within two (2) weeks after receiving the appeal to schedule a meeting with the parent or guardian to discuss the concerns raised by the parent or guardian. During the appeal meeting, the parent or guardian may present the principal or designee with such additional information as is desired regarding the fee waiver decision. Following the appeal meeting, the principal or designee will provide written notice within two (2) weeks of the decision on the appeal. The parent or guardian may appeal the decision of the principal or designee by mailing or hand delivering a written appeal to the board within ten (10) school days after receiving the written notice of decision. The appeal must be in writing and must include the name of the parent or guardian, the name of the student, the date of the appeal, and the reasons why the denial of the fee waiver was incorrect or should be reconsidered. 6.1.2 Exceptions to appeal process. Lack of required documentation. Where an application is denied as deficient because the required documentation has not been submitted, this appeal process does not apply, and the parent or guardian may only appeal by submitting the documentation within the 14 day period. (If the parent or guardian timely provides the necessary documentation and the fee waiver request is again denied, the parent or guardian may then appeal under the regular appeal process.) Lack of reasons for appeal. If the written appeal at either level does not include a statement of reasons why the decision being appealed is incorrect or should be reconsidered, instead of scheduling an appeal meeting, the person appealed to may give written notice that no appeal meeting will be scheduled unless an adequate statement is provided within seven (7) days. If the statement is timely provided, the appeal meeting shall be scheduled. If the statement is not timely provided, the appeal shall be deemed denied, with no further appeal. 7, Appeal of Community Service Assignment 7.1 Appeal process. A community service assignment may be appealed by following the same process used for appealing a waiver application decision, except that if the parent or guardian wishes to use a prepared form to submit the appeal, the school shall upon request provide a copy of the standard “Appeal of Community Service Assignment Form” for the parent or guardian to use. 8. Documentation and Record-Keeping 8.1 The Principal or designee shall keep a copy of the Board-approved fee schedule and fee policies applicable to each school year. 8.2 School shall maintain a copy of all documents relating to fee waiver applications (applications, decisions, community service assignments, written appeals, decisions on appeals). However, school shall not retain the supporting documentation (for example, tax returns or pay stubs) after a decision has been made on the application. 9. Certification of Compliance 9.1 School principal and Board President, for the school, shall confirm that fee practices and procedures are in compliance with the assurances contained in the standard Utah State Board of Education certifications of compliance. Click here to Download Fee Waiver Polic

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