Salt Lake City, UT – Beehive Science and Technology Academy, recently ranked for the third straight year as the number one Utah high school by US News & World Report, offers numerous after school academic programs for middle and high school students. These programs are integrated with other school curriculum to help further develop students with critical thinking skills, mathematical reasoning and complex problem-solving abilities.

The Stock Market Club is a popular choice for many Beehive students who are interested in learning more about the stock market and U.S. economy while gaining real-world application skills. The club provides a platform for members to pool their resources, knowledge, and insights to make informed investment decisions. At weekly meetings, members gather to discuss investment strategies, market trends, specific stocks, and economic news. These meetings provide a platform for open discussions, presentations, and debates about potential investment opportunities. The club also participates in the national Stock Market Game presented by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) Foundation. Students compete against other high schools and colleges from across the country, and the winners receive $500 from the SIFMA Foundation.

“This is a great opportunity to help students learn about investing, money management and financial concepts in a practical and hands-on way,” said Beehive Coach Colby who oversees the program. “I enjoy hosting the Stock Market Club because it’s a way to teach children how to build wealth through risk management, economic awareness and critical thinking.  My overall goal is to teach each student that financial independence is possible no matter what their financial background.”

A few other examples of over 30 diverse extracurricular competitive clubs offered at Beehive Academy include TV Production Club, Drama and Art Clubs, FIRST Lego League, FIRST Tech Challenge, Cyber Patriot, National Honors Society, Sports and Games Clubs, Health Occupation Student Association and Technology Student Association. “We are very excited about Beehive’s multiple club offerings this school year. They definitely help expand the knowledge of our students and provide opportunities for students to improve themselves in different areas that they are interested in and compete in various activities,” said Executive Director Hanifi Oguz.

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