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Transitioning from school to post-secondary settings can be challenging for students with disabilities. To support successful transition for our students, teachers and Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team members will assist students with disabilities in the process of developing critical skills and accessing services to achieve their post high school goals in employment, further education/training, and independent living.

The Transition planning process is critical in preparing students with disabilities for life after high school. Beginning at age 14, IEP teams must develop Transition plans that include:

  • A student invite to the Transition IEP meeting

  • Age-appropriate Transition assessment(s),

  • Measurable postsecondary goals that acknowledge the students’ strengths, needs, preferences and interests,

  • Transition services that support post-secondary goals

  • A course of study that aligns with the student’s post-secondary goals

  • Annual IEP goal that links to the post-secondary goals

  • Linkages to outside agencies (if appropriate)

Utah State Board of Education Special Education Rules
Special Education Rules and Policies

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