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post-break sleep schedule

Post-Break Themes: Sleep, Schedule, Screen Time

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on how to help your child get back into the swing of things with school after a long break, such as the summer break we’ll be leaving soon. It’s natural for there to be a bit of a “hangover” in many students

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post-break themes school

Post-Break Themes: Conversations, Example, School Supplies

It’s a common situation for many parents of school-aged children: After any kind of significant break from class, it can be tough for some kids to get back in the swing of things. Luckily, there are several approaches you can take as a parent to limit these risks and help your child jump right back

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summer STEM stimulation curiosity

Sandy Summer STEM Themes: Problem-Solving, Stimulation, Curiosity

With summer break now here for many students around Utah, parents are regularly looking for ways to keep their kids connected to the learning experience even while they’re mostly outside the classroom. This is definitely the case for many parents of STEM school students, who often want to help maintain many basic learning concepts in

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parents standardized test prep

Parents and Standardized Test Prep: Directions, Question Types, Practice

In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked at some of the simple ways parents can help their children as they prepare for standardized tests. Standardized tests are one important piece of the middle school or high school student’s experience, and while they can sometimes be stressful to prepare for, parents can offer a

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parents standardized test prep

Parents and Standardized Test Prep: Teachers, Monitoring, Calming

While they’re not the only important part of the middle school or high school experience for students, standardized tests are definitely vital in a number of ways. There’s a reason students typically spend so much time preparing for them — preparation that parents can also assist with via a few simple approaches. At Beehive Science

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gender STEM barriers girls

Gender and STEM: Breaking Barriers for Utah Girls

In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked at some basic differences between boys and girls in terms of learning, particularly within the realm of STEM subjects, plus how boys can be engaged within these topics. This is a hugely important area for many parents and educators alike — but the flip side

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gender STEM engaging boys

Gender and STEM: Engaging Boys With STEM Themes

Modern understanding of how kids learn has taught as a number of things, and one of these broad concepts involves the differences between boys and girls in how learning takes place. Keeping kids engaged in their studies, and particularly in STEM-related areas, will often be a differing process depending on which gender they belong to.

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Breaking News: Beehive Science And Technology Academy (BSTA) Is A Winner

Beehive Science and Technology Academy (BSTA) earned high National and metro-area rankings in 2021 Best High Schools, which U.S. News released this morning. Here is your school’s updated U.S. News profile page, with details about its rankings:–technology-academy/beehive-science-and-technology-academy-bsta-20130. By earning a national ranking in the top 40%, Beehive Science and Technology Academy (BSTA) achieved status as a U.S.

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Winner Best Of State

Beehive Science & Technology Academy BEST OF STATE 2021 Recognitions!

Since Beehive Academy first opened in 2005, it has earned both local and national recognition as one of Utah’s premier STEM schools.  And we’ve done it again!  Beehive Academy can claim the honor of  Utah Best of State2021 winner in 4 areas: *  Hanifi Oguz–Best Principal  *  Lisa Stearns–Best Support Personnel   * Beehive Academy–Best Public School K-12  *  Beehive

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Beehive Science & Technology Academy Earns Stem School Designation

Sandy, Utah charter school offers tuition-free, STEM-focused curriculum for grades 6 – 12 SANDY, UT–Beehive Science & Technology Academy hasbeen awarded theSTEM School Designation for five years starting 2021 by the STEM Action Center of Utah. In conjunction with the Utah Board of Education, the STEM Action Center of Utah bestows this designation on only

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