Beehive Science and Technology Charter School Celebrates International Day – sponsored in part by the National Honor Society (NHS)

Each year, students from Beehive Science and Technology are give the opportunity to choose a country to research and then report to the school and the general community. Usually, a student will choose a country that is part of their very own heritage. We have seen students take it all the way to dressing in the native colors or picking out the kind of clothes that would come from that country. Many times, sample foods are provided from that country as well as displays of music and dancing.  Map locations are also referred to, where the country is located and what is next to it. It has certainly been an education process to many. Students research key facts and become familiar with each country and what the traditions are.

Students are not required to present, but many look forward to doing it every year. Besides it being a big learning opportunity for the students themselves, it is done in a way that every one is learning, but they are also having fun as they participate in this event.

Beehive Science & Technology Academy Principal, Hanifi Oguz, said, “We take education seriously and realize that students come to school to learn, but there is no reason why we can’t make it enjoyable for them to attend. We have a large group of students that love this event, and they enjoy prepping for it and look forward to presenting it to other students and parents. It has turned out to be one of most popular activities we do.”

This year’s event will be held on April 13, 2022, at Beehive Science and Technology Charter School located in Sandy.

All parents and students are welcome!

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